xCia...: Who's Gonna Save My Soul?

Who's Gonna Save My Soul?

I got some bad news this morning
Which in turn made my day
When this someone spoke I listened
All of a sudden, has less and less to say
Ohhhhhh how could this be?
All this time, I've lived vicariously
Who's gonna save my soul now?
Who's gonna save my soul now?
How will my story ever be told now?
How will my story be told now?

Made me feel like somebody
Hmmm, like somebody else
Although he was imitated often
It felt like I was bein myself
Is it a shame that someone else's song
Was totally and completely dependant on
Who's gonna save my soul now?
Who's gonna save my soul now?
I wonder if I'll live to grow old now
Gettin high cause I feel so low down

And maybe it's a little selfish
All I have is the memory
Yet I never stopped to wonder-ahhhhh
Was it possible you were hurtin worse than me
Still my hunger turns to greeeeed
Cause what about what I neeeeeed?!
And OHHHH~! Who's gonna save my soul now?
Who's gonna save my soul now?
Ohhhh I know I'm out of control now
Oooh, tired enough to lay my own soul down

7 comentarios:

  1. y sabes que es lo mas copado de todo? que le pones mas vocales en las partes donde alarga las palabras, eso es buena onda dude :D (?)

  2. la chica del cosito de volver arriba me distrae mucho

    y es genial :D

  3. y recien hoy me vine a dar cuenta de que abajo habias puesto la misma frase de 27, tenemos blogs hermanos o algo asi :D :D :D (?)

  4. necesito dormir.
    y mañana no tengo clases, por eso estoy despierta a estas horas tan inhumanas sin nada mejor que hacer que perderme en la inmensidad de la blogosfera >.>


  5. ni yo me entiendo a estas horas.
    sentite libre de borrar estos cosos, ya que no soy muy productivos que digamos. :B

    au revoir ♥

  6. hOOOOOlaa!
    SOS cesarias (?)
    creo que si , puede ser .. :P
    si sos cesarias agregame.. luuu09@hotmail.com


  7. Seguime , y avisame asi te sigo si :?